Save Money and Keep Your Home Comfortable

Schedule spray foam insulation installation in Lexington, KY or surrounding areas

Are your energy bills out of control? Your home may have poor insulation. Thermapro Insulation, LLC can upgrade your house in the Lexington, KY area with spray foam insulation. Our spray foam insulation contractors will spray a liquid compound on your walls, making sure to fill all the cracks and crevices where air can leak out. Once the spray foam solidifies, it becomes a barrier that keeps heated and cooled air in your house.

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The benefits of spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation can be applied to your interior walls, attic, basement or crawl space. It's extremely durable and will insulate your home for decades.

Spray foam insulation will improve your home by...

  • Creating an airtight seal that keeps out moisture and deters mold
  • Reducing the amount of dust, pollen and allergens in your air
  • Lowering your heating and cooling bills and increasing the service life of your HVAC system
Insulate your house by calling local spray foam insulation contractors.