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Quality service meets industry expertise

At Thermapro Insulation, LLC, we believe that customer service is essential to a job well done. We value communication between our customers and technicians, and will always confirm your service appointment the day before.

Most of our insulation installation jobs take only one day to complete. When you hire Thermapro Insulation as your professional insulation contractor in Lexington, KY, you'll be amazed by how quickly and efficiently our team works. Plus, our technicians leave every job site 100% spotless when they leave. To schedule a spray foam insulation or other services for your home or business, give our team a call 859-227-8677 today.

Crawl Spaces

Improve your home's air quality and energy efficiency. 40% of a building's energy is lost due to air leaks.

Crawl Spaces

Existing Homes

Retrofit your home for added comfort and control.Most homeowners fully recoup their investment in extra insulation in just 12 to 18 months.

Existing Homes

New Construction Jobs

High-quality BIB insulation for your new home. Our team's new construction insulation can reduce your home's required heating and cooling by up to 30%.

New Construction Jobs

Commercial Jobs

Professional insulation for apartments and businesses. Insulate and soundproof your business to make it more energy efficient.

Commercial Jobs

Save Energy, Save Money, Go on Vacation!

Choose Thermapro Insulation as your expert insulation contractor in Lexington, KY. We serve all surrounding areas as well

Proper insulation is necessary for a comfortable and energy-efficient home. 90% of homes in the United States are under-insulated. This wastes energy and money that you could be pocketing every month. We want you to save money for a vacation, not waste it on your heating and cooling bill. Thermapro Insulation, LLC is one of the leading insulation providers in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Some of our most popular services include:

Sound proofing

Spray foam insulation installation

Blown-in insulation installation



Radiant foil installation

BIB insulation installation

Spray Foam Insulation Installation

Our skilled team can install any type of insulation in your existing home, new construction or commercial building. If you're searching for an insulation contractor with knowledge and experience you can rely on, give Thermapro Insulation a call 859-227-8677 today.

Certified and experienced insulation services

Thermapro Insulation has the tools and knowledge necessary to complete any insulation project. No matter what your insulation needs, from spray foam insulation to radiant foil, our expert team is here to help. Upgrading your insulation is THE QUICKEST energy-payback project you can do. Let us lower your heating and cooling bill, resulting in a more comfortable home while saving you money!

Our skilled team has decades of combined experience. Each of our technicians has worked with Thermapro Insulation for over 17 years and is experienced in every kind of insulation on the market. For quality insulation services in the Lexington, KY region, give our team a call 859-227-8677 today.