Choose Thermapro Insulation for new construction insulation in Lexington, KY

At Thermapro Insulation, LLC, we specialize in Blown In Blanket (BIB) insulation. This revolutionary product was developed by Henry Stolver, and, until 2005, we were the only licensed installer in the country. Next to high-quality spray foams, BIB blown in insulation is the best you can use.

When you choose BIB blown in insulation for your new home's insulation, you can rest easy knowing that your house is as comfortable, sound-proof and energy-efficient as possible. If you're located in the Lexington, Kentucky area and are interested in learning more about this product, give our team a call now.

What does our new home insulation process include?

Choosing Thermapro Insulation for your new construction insulation means hiring the best insulation contractors in the region. Our new construction insulation always starts with full air sealing to prevent leaks and increase energy efficiency. Then, we use the highest quality insulation to fill your home.

Thermapro Insulation uses a wide variety of insulation to meet your home's unique needs. Our team's new construction insulation can reduce your home's required heating and cooling by up to 30%. With a properly insulated home, you and your family can enjoy a quiet and comfortable living space for years to come. Call our expert team today to learn more about new construction insulation in Lexington, Kentucky.