Call the Thermapro Insulation team for commercial & apartment insulation in Lexington, KY

Any of our professional home insulation services can be utilized for commercial insulation. Our team has years of experience insulating a variety of businesses, including:

Retail stores



Medical offices



No matter what your commercial insulation needs may be, Thermapro Insulation has the tools and expertise necessary to get the job done. Call today for commercial insulation services in Lexington, KY.

Maintain a quiet and peaceful workplace with insulation

Not only is commercial insulation important for the comfort and energy efficiency of your business, but it also offers valuable sound proofing. If your business produces a lot of noise, or if you require a quiet workplace, then proper insulation can help block out excess noise. Apartment insulation is also a great way to offer a private, soundproofed space for current and future tenants.

At Thermapro Insulation, we offer over 22 years of commercial insulation experience. Our skilled technicians have the tools and knowledge to install any kind of insulation you desire. If you're searching for a commercial or apartment insulation contractor in the Lexington, Kentucky area, call our team now.